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Alopet Cat Tree Scratching Post Scratcher Cats Tower Condo House Bed Furniture

Alopet Cat Tree Scratching Post Scratcher Cats Tower Condo House Bed Furniture

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Cats simply love cat trees. It allows them to exhibit their natural feline instincts like jumping, hopping, climbing, playing and napping in environments that they are familiar with. And our Callie 158cm Cat Tree is just perfect for your cat to enjoy itself in all these activities and so much more.

Made of durable wood, the multi-level cat tree is upholstered in plush fabrics on each platform. Plus, your cat will simply love the cubic den as a perfect hideaway for some privacy. Or perhaps the plush hammock would be a great choice for more cat naps too. Two detachable and transparent bowls also allow kitty to indulge in its antics in clear view. And several sisal-covered scratching posts, eight actually, are in place to let kitty maintain its claws without causing heart aches to your furniture, carpet and curtains.

Better still, the cat tree is large enough to accommodate up to four cats to play and rest in wild abandon. Plush and comfortable, our multi-platform Callie Cat Tree will have your pet and company purring with delight in no time at all. Order your cat tree today and treat kitty to a well-deserved gift.

Multi-level platforms
Sturdy wooden construction
8 natural sisal-wrapped posts
Hanging activity ball
Sleeping den
Plush hammock
Detachable transparent bowl
Suitable for 3 to 4 adult cats (Depending on weight of cats)
Simple assembly required

Frame: E1 particle board
Bowl material:Acrylic
Colour: Wood
Post: Natural sisal
Overall dimensions: 158cm x 40cm x 60cm
Number of packages:1
Assembly required :Yes
Warranty: 1 year

Package Contents
Alopet Cat Tree x 1
Assembly Instructions x 1

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