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Pet Dog Training Pads Super Absorbent Toilet Indoor

Pet Dog Training Pads Super Absorbent Toilet Indoor

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Absorbs odors and bacteria leaving you smelling nothing but the pad’s fresh scent.
A great potty-training tool for cats and all breed dogs.
Ideal for pet parents who can’t always make it outdoors.
Draws in moisture quickly to stop tracking.
The quilted top helps prevent ripping and tearing.
Lined with waterproof plastic to prevent leaks.

Dog Training Pad is perfect for teaching puppies where to pee/poo. Simple and easy to use. Reduces odour and it is thicker and more durable than normal pads. Five-layered, they soak up urine without leaving the smell or sight of it behind. Their thick, quilted outer layer, while aesthetically pleasing, has a functional purpose. It both prevents piddle from being tracked across your home and protects the pads from getting shredded into claw confetti. 

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