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Window Hammock For Cats (Two Ways To Use)-Orange

Window Hammock For Cats (Two Ways To Use)-Orange

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Mewoofun Cat Window Hammock (Two ways to use)

Most cats enjoy being in high places. Whether it's a high shelf or a window perch, cats may feel more comfortable in the upper half of the room where they can keep an eye on the world around and below him with greater confidence. Mewoofun cat window perch is designed for safety, comfort and just for the fun of it. The designed window cat hammock is easy to clean and has a maximum of 15KG load bearing. If you are looking for a sturdy, comfortable and beautiful cat's window bed, this is the best option.

Mewoofun Christmas Edition Window Hammock Release Now! - It would be the best gift for your cat this Christmas. You can DIY a special Christmas tree for your cat and decorate your home. You can change to the regular interactive open style in daily use with grey straps and mat.  


  • Two Types of Installation - Mewoofun cat window hammock provides different leisure experiences for cats of different personalities. One is a comfortable tent style to provide a sense of security for cats. The other is an interactive open style to allow owners to interact with cats. Two for the price of one, the great value for cat owners! 
  • Strong Suction Cups - The cat window perch uses a 3-layer suction cup design to maintain a strong suction state for a long time. It can hold up to 15KG. the four suction cups can be firmly adsorbed on a smooth surface such as glass, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, and mirrors, etc. 
  • High Quality Materials - High density board, beech and wear resistant canvas.
  • Easy to Assemble - You can install or remove the cat window hammock in a few minutes and change the installation style at any time. 
  • Non-Trace Installation - The suction cup is removed without marks. Stop worrying about moving.
  • Save Space - MEWOOFUN Cat Window Hammock is perfect for cats who like to bask in the warm sun or active cats that desire a high vantage point. It is both a cat window hammock and a space-saving cat lounge bed.
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